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Who Are We? 33! What Are We? Killer Bees!

My name is Carolyn; I'm 22 years old, and I mentor The Killer Bees, Team 33! We're sponsored by DaimlerChysler.

This was our first competition event of the season, but year twelve of having a team. It was my first time attending an event as a chaperone.

This was my Friday, March 9, 2007.

I created this to post in another community, where you post pictures following through your entire day, but I thought fellow FIRSTers would enjoy it.

I have videos of our robot in my LJ if anyone is interested.

Waking up! Waking up!
Waking up at 5:00 in the morning after not going to bed until 12:30 because I was chasing the cat around the neighborhood. Said cat is not apolagetic at all as she tries to get in my face.
Good Morning Sleepy Head! Good Morning Sleepy Head!
Check out that morning look. Oh yeah, I'm not happy.
*The* Uniform *The* Uniform
I love our uniform--snazzy new shoes and bright yellow shirts! Look closer and you can see the bee antenna on my hat.
Dressed! Dressed!
One person dressed as a Killer Bee looks ridiculous: 30 people dressed like a Killer Bee looks SWEET!
Bee Cute Bee Cute
Finally awake and ready to start the day!
Loaded Up Car Loaded Up Car
I have to bring the snacks and stuff, so my poor little car is loaded up with millions of bottles of water, juice boxes, candy, chips, fruit snacks, and fruit.
Time Check! Time Check!
As I leave my garage it's 5:58AM
Waiting for the Bus! Waiting for the Bus!
Arriving at the DaimlerChysler headquarters at 6:20, waiting for the bus.
Role Call! Role Call!
On the bus making sure all my students are accounted for, almost ready to go!
Visiting the Pits! Visiting the Pits!
We arrive at the stadium about 8:00 and I make my way to the Pit Area to see how everyone's doing there. And That's the Pit/Compeition Crew! Hi Timmy!
Getting Excited Getting Excited
Timothy is so ready for our first match!
Buzz Costume Buzz Costume
David's getting ready for our first match. We have *the* best mascot!
The Field The Field
Getting ready for Opening Ceremonies and the first match. That's the field!
Buzz! Buzz!
Lookin' great, Buzz!
33! 33!
Sean Grogie holding up our 33.
First Match First Match
Buzz12 ready for our first match with the autonomous ringer in place.
Hyping Eachother Up Hyping Eachother Up
Drive team: Woody and Dave, hyping each other up!
Almost Time! Almost Time!
Everyone is wandering back to the stands to get ready for the opening ceremonies.
Opening Ceremonies! Opening Ceremonies!
Finally! Opening Ceremonies! The head ref going over rules. 9:00
Announcing Team 33! Announcing Team 33!
Dave, the announcer just announched the Killer Bees, Team 33, DaimlerChysler and Notre Dame Prep!
Match 1 Match 1
Putting a ring on the rack.
Match 1 Match 1
Driving up on another robot for 30 points!
Waiting for the score Waiting for the score
The Swarm waiting impatiently for the score to be posted.
Match 1 Results Match 1 Results
Ouch! We lost. Darn penalties!
Tired Carobee Tired Carobee
There I am! Exhausted! It's probably about 10:00 in this shot, and I'm running on three hours of sleep. Sitting next to Ron and watching them scout.
Match 51 Match 51
Our third match of the day, getting ready.
Look! ESPN was there! Not sure what they're going to do with the footage, because it most definitely wasn't live coverage. It's cool that they were there though.
Ref's Moving The Rack Ref's Moving The Rack
The rack in the middle is moved just a tiny bit before each match so that it makes the autonomous mode just a little bit more difficult.
33's Autonomous 33's Autonomous
The Killer Bees try sooo hard to get that first ringer on, but it falls off.
Strategy Strategy
Jim, coaching and talking strategy with the guys.
Buzz12 Going High Buzz12 Going High
Buzz12 is going up to ring one high!
Waiting Waiting
Waiting for the results of the match! Did we win?!
Win! Win!
It's a WIN for the Bees! The team shouts, "Who are we? 33! What are we? Killer Bees!" at the top of their lungs.
Swarm in the Stands Swarm in the Stands
The team going crazy in the stands!
Another Match Another Match
The last match of the morning, Bees working hard as usual.
Match 52 Results Match 52 Results
another loss. Meh.
Lunch! Lunch!
Finally, it's noon! Lunch is tuna sandwiches (it's Friday and Lent and we're a Catholic school), chips, coke and an apple or banana.
Grogie Goes Craaazy! Grogie Goes Craaazy!
Grogie is excited.
Bees Going High Bees Going High
Buzz12 doing it's thang.
Competition Crew Competition Crew
Amanda, as human player, throws ringers onto the field.
Buzz12 Ringing the middle Buzz12 Ringing the middle
Buzz12 going for the middle rack.
Now Going High Now Going High
Lifting that arm.
Dancing Bees! Dancing Bees!
How about some ChaCha Slide, Bees?
More dancing Bees!
Buzz12 Going Low Buzz12 Going Low
Another match, another ring.
Ramps Deployed Ramps Deployed
Ramps deployed, waiting for a team to drive up!
1285 Going Up! 1285 Going Up!
Come on 1285! Get up those ramps!
Judges! Judges!
The people who determine our fate. Time for AWAAARRRDS!
We won! We won!
We won an award!
Imagery Award Winners! Imagery Award Winners!
Killer Bees won the Imagery Award because the whole image that our team presents (robot, pits, uniforms, personalities, etc.) is memorable and amazing and just that cool.
Pam Pam
Pam was the Chairman of the board that planned the Great Lake Regional. She's a former Killer Bee mentor, and an awesome person. She's sporting our antenna!!
Bus Again! Bus Again!
Back on the bus, excited that we won an award, starving for dinner, on the way to the hotel! 5:30ish
Hotel Hotel
As a mentor, I had a room all to myself. I thought it was going to be awkward and scary, but by the end of the night I was way to exhausted to care.
Refreshed! Refreshed!
Washed my face, changed my pants, charged my camera for a bit, and am now much more refreshed and ready to leave for dinner.
Dinner! Dinner!
A picture from the bus. We went to Old Country Buffet for dinner...not the tastiest, but extremely filling and their bus rate is fantastic. 7:00
Waiting for Dinner. Waiting for Dinner.
There's a long line to get into the building for dinner because there's two other robotics team already inside.
Hungry Boys! Hungry Boys!
Sean and Joey beg to cut in front of me in the line. Instead, I assign them as my body guards to make sure no one else tries to cut in front of me.
Exhausted Caro Exhausted Caro
Back at the hotel, I briefly crash on bed before I head downstairs to keep track of the hooligans until curfew (11:00)
Bar Bar
I hang out in the lobby/lounge with the other mentors. Everyone's drinking but me cause I felt awkward and young, even though I'm 22.
More Lounging More Lounging
Ron smiling for me as we relax. Everyone's happy with how the day went.
Marshall Marshall
Marshall, my laptop, made the trip with me. I uploaded my pictures, deleted them off my camera, then talked to my bestest friend online.
Tim's Not Amused Tim's Not Amused
This is Tim's "I'm not amused"/superviser face. What you don't see is two seconds after I take this picture Tim gives me a smile that says, "Ok, I really am amused, I just like to give you a hard time." Also, YAY, Pam got to hang out with us.
Hackey Sack Hackey Sack
I suck at hackey sack, but the boys begged me to play, so I did.
Tim Again Tim Again
Being a bum and not playing cards with us. So I take another picture of him, just to harass him.
Playing Cards Playing Cards
Since I played hackey sack, I made the boys play cards with me. We played BS. I lost, cause I can't lie. 10:30
Finally! Finally!
11:15, after room checks for curfew, talking to each student to make sure they know what time breakfast is in the morning and what time the bus leaves and catching up quickly once more with the other mentors, I head to bed. Mm, sleep.

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